If you have been searching for the answers to all of your questions regarding the engagement ring that Kourtney Kardashian wore, your search is finally over! It’s not every day that someone gives you an engagement ring with a price tag of over one million dollars, much less when someone gives you a ring with a price tag of over one million dollars that you break. Kourtney Kardashian ring details suggest that it lived up to the price. One thing we do know about Kourtney Kardashian, though, is that she is extremely ambitious and strives for perfection in everything she does.

How Many Carats is Kourtney Kardashian’s Ring

Kourtney’s jaw-dropping center stone is a gigantic oval brilliant cut diamond, in case you haven’t seen it by now. If you haven’t seen it, you should. carats in Kourtney Kardashian’s RingAnd if you want to know how big is Kourtney’s ring, we say gigantic, we’re referring to a diamond that’s anywhere from 12 to 15 carats (and allegedly flawless, too!), which is, by any standard, an exceptional amount of weight. You, too, can have the same thing if you are willing to part with approximately one million dollars.

If, however, that is not the case, then you are in luck. Why? Because oval-shaped diamonds have a great deal of natural spread by their very shape, they are more expensive. Because they are cut more shallowly and have an elongated shape, they appear approximately 15% larger when viewed from the front when compared to round diamonds of the same carat weight. As a result, you can limit the scope of your shopping while still achieving a substantial appearance that is replete with a great deal of sparkle.

Uber-Minimal Band

Uber-Minimal BandThe band that is shown on Kourtney’s ring is of the extremely thin variety, which is one of the most fashionable options now available. This ultra-simple band draws attention to the size of the center stone while also creating the impression that the ring is “floating” on your finger.

In terms of how thin is considered to be very thin, we recommend a width of at least 1.5 millimeters for a “super thin” type ring shank, particularly if you want to place those micro-pave diamonds on it. This is particularly necessary to keep in mind if you plan to wear the ring on a finger that does not have a particularly large girth. When it gets any thinner than that, your ring may become too fragile to be worn on a daily basis.

Platinum, the Principal Component in Question

Because we do not have any other answers, we are forced to assume that Kourtney Kardashian engaged ring is made of platinum and that it has a setting. Why?Kourtney Kardashian platinum ring To put it simply, it is most certainly a white metal, which can either refer to as platinum or white gold.

Kourtney Kardashian Engagement Ring Price:

The price of the ring also suggests that platinum was used. Platinum never loses its brilliant silvery white appearance and, unlike white gold, never needs to be replated to maintain it. Platinum is an excellent choice for this design because of the nature of the material, which makes it possible to create intricate metalwork that is incredibly resilient despite its delicate appearance. Platinum is most likely the material used because of the ring’s design, which features a delicate diamond band that leads up to a massive center stone. The center diamond is what holds all the value when trying to sell a diamond ring.

Nobody, except her husband will know the exact Kourtney Kardasian engagement ring price. In spite of the fact that platinum tends to be more expensive than white gold, it is an excellent choice for setting off a stone that has almost no color at all. Are you head over heels for gold in its natural form? You could like the look of a two-tone setting that features a band made of yellow gold and prongs made of platinum. This will help your white diamond maintain its brilliant appearance while still allowing you to wear the style you want.

The Other Diamonds

There are often two categories that can be found among celebrity engagement rings: the first category includes extremely straightforward solitaires, and the second category includes engagement rings with a multitude of stones that make a bold proclamation. Kourt’s is positioned precisely in the midst of the pack. Do you see that incredibly delicate band? It is decorated with tiny pave diamonds called micro pave. Tiny, glittering, and understated all at the same time. It is a fantastic aesthetic that can complement any shape stone, and it does not fight for attention with the stone that is in the middle of the ring.

You can absolutely achieve this appearance for yourself by adding pave diamonds to practically any band style. Whether you want a knife-edge, a circular profile, or three rows of brilliance…take your pick! You also have the option to have diamonds only on the ring’s shoulders, to have a pave diamond eternity band — in which the diamonds go all the way around the ring — or, our personal favorite, to have a half or three-quarter band so that the Kourtney Kardashian ring size is maintained.

The Setting of the Ring

Setting of the RingThe center stone that Kourtney is wearing appears in her pictures to be secured in a traditional four-prong setting on top of that incredibly narrow band; nevertheless, appearances can be deceiving in some cases. This is the wonder of a halo that isn’t visible to the naked eye! If you look really closely and get the lighting just right, we’re fairly sure you can see one of these super trendy hidden halos surrounding Kourt’s diamond when viewed from the side.

The standard halo encircles your diamond from the top view, but the hidden halo runs under the top edge of your diamond and surrounds the basket setting. The diamonds in the hidden halo face outwards, so you see it from the side instead of the top (which is a great view when it’s on your finger!). The standard halo can be seen by looking at the top of your diamond. We’ve been adding hidden halos to a wide variety of engagement ring styles, so if you like the appearance but can’t find it, just ask!

How You can Get One for Yourself

Let’s come back to how we’re going to pull off this look for you, though, and talk about some huge gems. Diamonds created in a laboratory, to be more specific. And before you ask, yes, laboratory diamonds are the same thing as mined diamonds in terms of their chemistry, physics, and optics; the only difference is that lab diamonds come at a much more affordable price.

Imagine it as being similar to the ice that is created in your refrigerator or freezer. The formation of ice is a natural process that occurs in the environment; nevertheless, humans have discovered a means to manufacture ice on their own. The same holds true for laboratory-grown diamonds.

But in addition to the fact that you will save nearly half of the cost, which indicates that you will be able to purchase a larger stone for the same amount of money, lab diamonds are an excellent option for you if you are looking for a unique size, shape, or cut because they can actually be created based on your specifications. No joke. That has had to be one of life’s greatest pleasures, doesn’t it?

The Alternative

best engagement ringIn the past, moissanite was utilized as a diamond alternative; nevertheless, it is currently gaining popularity because of the distinctive properties that it possesses on its own. This stone is also produced in a laboratory, although having natural origins, and has been employed as a diamond substitute. Moissanite is incredibly low in price, and in addition to that, it glistens more brilliantly than other types of gemstones.

In point of fact, it possesses a greater amount of rainbow flash than a diamond. Drop dead stunning. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it registers a 9.25, which indicates that it is nearly as long-lasting as other materials, making it an excellent substitute for day-to-day use. If you want to proceed in this manner, we strongly recommend that you also use moissanite for any side stones in your ring design. This will ensure that your ring design has the same type of shine throughout.

Can We Help?

Obviously, the answer to this question is “yes.” In addition to that, we are going to assist you in reaching your destination. You may get started by looking through our extensive assortment of diamond jewelry and selecting an item that is tailored to your preferences as well as your financial constraints. Please get in touch with us, explain your preferences, and share your financial constraints so that we can assist you in locating the perfect stone to meet your requirements.