sell diamonds
One of the main services offered at Exchange Diamonds is diamond buying. We offer several different options for people who want to sell diamonds including the ability to get free estimates and free verbal jewelry appraisals online. Simply fill out our forms with your information to get started selling diamond jewelry today.

Where should I sell my diamonds?

If you have diamonds, an engagement ring, a diamond ring, or an estate jewelry item that you want to sell then you are probably wondering where should you take it that will give you the value that it is worth. At Exchange.Diamonds we have evaluated and purchased thousands of items from the public. We can virtually appraise your items over the phone and give you a price figure before we take things to the next step. It is important that you deal with someone trustworthy that will pay you what your diamonds are worth. Get started in selling your diamond jewelry today to Exchange.Diamonds by simply filling out the contact form.

How To Sell Diamond Online:

Exchange.Diamonds has made the process simple. You can give us a call today and we can give you a jewelry appraisal estimate over the phone on the diamonds you have to sell. When diamond buyers are making a purchase ultimately we will have to see the diamonds in person, but beforehand we will discuss whether we will be a good fit.

What Diamond Buyers Look For When Buying Diamonds:

Over the years we have been inundated with customers who had a need to sell their diamond jewelry and specifically engagement rings. Engagement rings seem to be the most popular diamond item to sell probably because of the divorce rate here in the USA. A lot of times we happen to be our customer’s first point of contact when they are in the market to sell diamonds and we have to be the ones to educate them. A lot of customers originally bought a ring from a national retailer without doing any kind of research on how to get a good value. On top of that, customers are often handed an inflated jewelry appraisal that tells them “the value”.

The main thing that we look at when buying diamonds is the size and the quality of the main diamond. If a ring has a cluster of diamonds and no main diamond then the resale value isn’t going to be very good compared to a ring that has one large main diamond.

Types Of Diamond Jewelry We Buy:

Let the experts at Exchange.Diamonds get the opportunity to sell your diamonds, diamond rings, engagement rings, and other types of jewelry today. We will evaluate your jewelry over the phone or online and can provide you with good faith numbers on the value. Below is a list of items that we are interested in as diamond buyers:

  • Loose Diamonds
  • Engagement Rings
  • Diamond Rings
  • Big Diamonds
  • Cash For Gold
  • Certified Diamonds
  • Used Engagement Rings
  • Used Diamonds
  • Estate Jewelry

You are welcome to send us an inquiry describing the type of jewelry you are wanting to sell. We have several different options for people that want to sell diamonds including verbal jewelry appraisals, jewelry consignment, and possibly cash for diamonds.

What Determines The Value Of Diamonds

There are a lot of variables that come into play when trying to put a dollar figure on what a diamond is worth. The 4 main things that we evaluate when determining the value are the 4 C’s which are the carat size, color, cut, and clarity. Another characteristic that we have to monitor these days is whether the diamond is an earth mined or lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds to not have a strong resale value compared to natural diamonds.

Tips When You Sell Diamonds Online

At first, it might seem abnormal to ship your diamond out through the mail to an online diamond buyer. Exchange.Diamonds understands and we want to earn your trust. Every ring/diamonds we ship will be insured to cover the replacement value. We ship and receive packages every day that contain valuable items such as loose diamonds and engagement rings. Our process is very simple and it will allow you a very simple transaction. Once we recieve your diamond jewelry we will instantly update you that we have recieved it. Next, we will come up with firm buying and/or consignment numbers. At Exchange.Diamonds we have several different options that are designed to get you maximum value when trying to sell your jewelry. Schedule you appointment today to discuss the options that you have available to you.